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Wednesday 13 October 2021

Review: The Nerd Herd

Nobody likes to be made fun of or be called mean names. But that is what happens to Barny and his fluffy friends.

Barny always feels like he is on the back hoof and never has a witty comeback. Being a lamb whose real name is Baarnabus certainly doesn’t help. Who ever heard of a lamb being a meanie?

In his head, Barry knows what he should do but gets scared and trots away. Together with his best friends who are equally as fluffy as Barny – he finds solace.

Meet Shaama Llama Ding Dong and Billy the Kid (an angora goat), Barny’s two besties, also known as The Nerd Herd

Unfortunately, they are being terrorised by other farm animals – Ringo the Dog, Fat Cat (or preferably Plus-Size Puss) and Kevin Bacon who is, you guessed it, a very overweight pig.

The three friends decide to join forces against the bullies – together they can be stronger ... though not without some hiccups.

Then a fox sneaks into the hen house during the night and the attack leaves everyone scared, including the bullies.

Can the Nerd Herd rescue Janine and Jill the missing hens? Will they wolly save the day? All while staying one hoof in front of the bullies? No prob-llama . . .

This new graphic novel series features hilarious illustrations, puns and comical descriptions, different coloured and sized writing and a great story – all appealing elements for reluctant readers.

Author Nathan Luff and illustrator Chris Kennett have created this new laugh out loud series that will have readers wanting more.

Title: The Nerd Herd
Author: Nathan Luff
Illustrator: Chris Kennett
Publisher: Scholastic Australia, $14.99
Publication Date: 1 February 2021
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781760971069
For Ages: 6 - 9
Type: Junior Fiction