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Friday 22 October 2021

Review: Princess Hayley's Comet Audio

What would you like for your birthday?
the King asks his only daughter. A good question to someone who has everything.

There is only one thing that Princess Hayley wants, and that’s a comet.

The first book by Rebecca Fung, Princess Hayley’s Comet published in 2018, is now an audiobook. Narrated by voice over artist Aimee Smith in a pleasant animated way, it includes sound effects and music.

Aimee also does each different characters’ voice, which adds interest and individuality to each of the cast.

She announces the beginning of each of the chapters, so the listener knows that a shift in the story is imminent. The length of the audio is 42 minutes.

From the moment her friend Ned gave her a second-hand copy of Simple Astronomy, Princess Hayley spends most of her time reading and re-reading it. totally absorbed in the comet's brilliance, speed and beauty.

Where could the King get a comet?

Hayley has all the answers. A comet will be passing in a week’s time and all that is needed – in Hayley’s mind, are the preparations to catch it. When it is announced to the advisors, chaos breaks out.

A small distraction temporarily takes Hayley’s obsessed mind off comets. A circus is coming to entertain for her birthday party. Tina the trapeze artist takes Hayley into the tent and shows her how to swing. She reminds her that the most important thing is knowing how to drop.

Hayley and her closest friends Ned and Cara brainstorm ideas. The princess decides a ladder is what is needed to reach Outer Space. A huge net spread out will catch the comet.

They will test the catch by ordering the royal cook to make the biggest meatball ever, launch it, and catch it in the net.

As impossible as it seems to all the people needed to make the Princess’ birthday present a reality, the plan goes ahead.

What ensues is the greatest, most exciting experience of Princess Hayley’ life.

Listening to a book being read is relaxing and pleasurable. I can see this becoming as popular as YouTube’s author readings and all the other avenues open for children to listen to stories being read.

Children’s quiet time will take on a new meaning. The audiobook is a way of sharing stories with reluctant readers. Language and its inflections are reinforced with every repetition.

Princess Hayley’s Comet audiobook is available online through audiobook retailers all over the world, such as Authors Direct.

Title: Princess Haley's Comet
Author: Rebecca Fung
Illustrator: Kathy Creamer
Publisher: Christmas Press,
Publication Date: 1 October 2021
Format: Digital Audio  
For ages: 5+
Type: Audio Book