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- author Jackie French

Tuesday 23 November 2021

Announcement: Farewell Anastasia!

If there is one thing that is an absolute in this world, it is the capricious nature of permanency. As with sunsets, so many wonderful things must come to an end and so we announce the departure of one of our most revered and respected reviewers, Anastasia Gonis.  

Anastasia is no stranger to reviewing with over twenty years’ experience. She has been a committed regular contributor for KBR for more than nine years and juggles her devotion of sharing children’s literature with writing her own articles which have appeared in several publications including, The Age, The Sun and Australia Book Review. 

Anastasia, not only maintained the highest of  expectations, delivering reviews, working to deadlines and procuring new content, she unequivocally frequently exceeded it. It is therefore with the heaviest of hearts that we bid Anastasia a fond farewell and wish her continued success, health and joy as she embarks on the next chapter of her own personal narrative. 

Anastasia, this is but a small tribute to your huge contributions to KBR over the years, your unfailing work ethic and steadfast ethos-driven commitment. We couldn't have done it without you. But now we'll have to! With infinite thanks from your KBR family and friends. 

What an amazing contribution you’ve made to KBR. So many reviews, for so many genres and age groups. Not to mention interviews and other posts. Your insight will be much missed. Thanks so much for everything. Sarah Steed, Senior Review and Consultant Librarian KBR

Sad to see you leaving Anastasia! Wishing you all the best for your health and further endeavours. It was a pleasure to be working with you. Katrin Dreiling, KBR

Anastasia, your book reviews are a cup of warm hugs and inspiration. I have loved reading every word you write, and I will forever miss your thoughtful reviews (which have helped me fall in love with so many books and guided me to many I would never have picked up alone). I'm not sure how many people know just how many reviews you contribute every month, but I always take note of your name at the bottom of the page. Thank you for being the most wonderful writer, reviewer, super human being and friend. I'll continue to check the names for a sneaky surprise review sometime in the future! Mountain-sized love to you! Shaye Wardrop, Senior Editor KBR

All the best and much love to you Anastasia! Amie, KBR

Creating a book can be a lonely business at times, and that's why reviews mean so much. A good reviewer helps a book reach out to readers, giving them the possibility of discovering something new. A good reviewer doesn't try to make a book fit into a pre-determined assumption but is willing to take it on its own terms. A good reviewer is always thoughtful and shows clearly that they take pleasure in what they do, that they love books and enjoy reading. Anastasia is just such a reviewer, and that's why we were always delighted when we knew she would be reviewing one of our books. Reading her fluent, thoughtful and warm reviews has always been a pleasure, and we knew that pleasure would be very much shared by our authors. Over the years we have looked forward to reading her reviews, with the most recent--a lovely review of an audiobook edition of one of our chapter books, written with her characteristic light touch, being on October 22. We will miss her reviews very much, but immensely value the ones we received. And we wish her all the very best for the future. Sophie Masson, Publishing Director, Christmas Press

How can KBR ever thank you for your many years of unflagging reviewer dedication? I will always treasure our online and in person chats, and pray you are blessed with good health and happiness as you move forward. Giant hugs. Jo Burnell, KBR Veteran

Dear Anastasia- Your reviews were always a joy to read . I wish you the very best. Nia Shetty Junior Reviewer

I'm so sad to hear you're leaving Anastasia. I've been reading your thoughtful reviews and posts for many years now. KBR will not be the same without you. Much love. Penny Harrison, KBR

We will miss you Anastasia and so will the KBR readers - your reviews were always a delight to read. Wishing you all the best Karen Mitchell, KBR

I will miss your reviews! I have referred to many of them in order to learn the craft of review writing. Anastasia's well-written reviews have helped teach me the craft of review writing. Thank you. Leigh van der Veen

Thank you for all the wonderful reviews you’ve shared for KBR. Yvonne Sewankambo, Harper Collins

Thank you for all your wonderful reviews. Look after yourself and stay safe. Sharon Evan, Big Sky Publishing

Thanks for your support of PRH books over the years, it’s much appreciated. Wishing you all the very best. Tina Gumnior, Penguin Random House

Thanks so much for your support over the years, and good luck with your health journey. Georgie Carroll, Walker Book Australia

Anastasia was one of my most revered team members. She was the sole coordinator for regularly featured interview posts. Her penchant for extracting newsworthy, interesting information is evident in the many interviews she has compiled with creatives from every aspect of this industry. She wrote with confidence and consummate ease, composing every review with great care, finesse and attention to detail, always showing astute appreciation for the work of authors and illustrators. She constantly strove to reveal the true heart of every story, thus it was always a pleasure to immerse myself into one of her reviews. I shall miss our heartfelt exchanges and shared impressions. It has been more than just a joy working with you, Anastasia. It was a true privilege. Who knows what the next part of your story's journey will reveal. May it be everything you've ever read about. And more. Dimity Powell, Managing Editor KBR
I am crushed to see Anastasia leave KBR (though ever hopeful she’ll one day return!). It’s without a doubt that Kids’ Book Review has soared with her incredible, heartfelt and masterful input. A passionate, supportive and beloved veteran of our industry, the love and commitment Anastasia has given to books and their creators is unparalleled. An adored friend, she’ll forever be a KBR honorary member, and will be deeply missed (though I’m ever hopeful she’ll one day return!). Tania McCartney, KBR Founder 

Read the dozens upon dozens of insightful reviews and articles Anastasia has supplied over the years, here. Enjoy!