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Friday 12 November 2021

Review: Noni the Pony Counts to a Million

Always gentle and kind, Noni the pony’s counting day begins with one tree where she watches her two friends, Coco the cat and Dave the dog, dancing by the sea.

Counting continues with three speckled hens hitching a free ride uphill on Noni’s back.

A race downhill with the four cows, known as the ladies next door, sets the pace of her day; one that will be full of outdoor fun, play and observation.

Five wallabies, large and small, hop by as Coco snuggles onto Noni’s back. Dave looks on with interest nearby.

The three friends watch the sky as six dusky wood-swallows dip and swoop in play, enjoying a carefree day.

Seven puppies in a row, try to hide from Dave pretending to hide his eyes behind the bushes.

Eight delightful butterflies in the shimmering light, fly above the flowing stream as Noni, Coco and Dave enjoy the beautiful scene they are in.

Their interest is caught by nine spotted fish flowing with the current, deep in the water. This is happening simultaneously as ten ladybirds crawl over weeds in the same direction. But Coco and Dave miss their march, as they are snoozing in the grass.

The counting doesn’t stop at ten, because Noni’s friend Helga, has dozens of spots and great-uncle Harry has hundreds of dots.

Thousands of cars pass on the highway as the sun is going down and as the friends, tired after a long day of play with other friends and neighbours, prepare for sleep.

How does Noni count to a million?

The illustrations, created in charcoal pencil and watercolour collage; simple, adorable and expressive, create an atmosphere of warmth to accompany the rhyming text.

Title: Noni the Pony Counts to a Million
Author/Illustrator: Alison Lester
Publisher: Allen&Unwin, $24.99
Publication Date: 28 September 2021
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781760524395
For ages: 1 – 4
Type: Picture Book