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Sunday 12 December 2021

Review: I Wish I Had a Wookie and Other Poems For Our Galaxy

Star Wars fans young and old will love this poetry anthology.

I Wish I Had a Wookie and Other Poems For Our Galaxy is filled with clever, funny poems celebrating Star Wars.

There are poems about characters and events, and poems about being a Star Wars fan.

The title poem, I Wish I Had a Wookie, is relatable and captures a child's wish for a furry friend who can help keep nightmares away.

My Room's the Millennium Falcon is about a child who is sent to their room and spends their time imagining they are in Han Solo's Millennium Falcon, playing holochess with Chewbacca, and flying with speed through the night.

Lovers of Star Wars memorabilia will appreciate Dad's Luke Skywalker Figurine, which describes the moment when a young child opens a pristine collectable figurine to play with. The dad's reaction is noteworthy. Similarly, in Trash Compactor which is only four lines, you get a vivid picture of an adult horrified at their child's recreation of a particular scene from episode four, complete with real rubbish.

There are almost 80 poems in total, some of which are super short (just a few lines), and others longer (a couple of pages). They cover the full range of Star Wars movies from episode one to episode six.

The anthology is appealingly illustrated by Tim Bugden, with pictures in a friendly cartoon style which children will appreciate.

Author Ian Doescher has also written William Shakespeare's Star Wars, and other books. With this anthology he brings his interest in words and Star Wars to a new audience.

A great gift for children, or adults, I Wish I Had a Wookie and Other Poems For Our Galaxy combines the otherworldly Star Wars with everyday life on earth.

Title: I Wish I Had a Wookie and Other Poems for Our Galaxy
Author: Ian Doescher
Illustrator: Tim Bugden
Publisher: Quirk Books, $ 34.99
Publication Date: November 2021
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781594749629
For ages: 8+
Type: Poetry