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Friday 3 December 2021

Review: Rosie-May Blue: Mayhem at the Pet Show

Ten year old Rosie-May and her family have moved to a farm. She owns Carrie, a Welsh Mountain pony that she loves more than anything.

Making new friends is hard for Rosie-May as she is small for her age. It is when Carrie breaks through the fence and enters their neighbour’s property, that Rosie-May meets Ellie, who returns Carrie.

Ellie’s pony is the same breed as Carrie. The two girls hit it off immediately and they will be in the same class when school begins in a few days.

Things do not go as smoothly as Rosie-May hoped. The popular Vivian with her group of followers, is rude and unkind. First she ridicules Rosie-May for her height, then for the fact that she lives on a farm, naming her Country Pumpkin to match Ellie’s derogatory Country Bumpkin. Both girls ignore her taunts.

After helping Ellie and her dad round up some cattle, Rosie-May leads the horses to a trough nearby. She is confronted by an angry Ellie who reprimands her for allowing the horses to drink there. Rosie-May cannot understand her reaction.

It is later as she is brushing down Carrie in the stable that she hears a voice. No one is around. Yet, again someone is talking to Rosie-May. It is Carrie.

When she discovers that Ellie’s horse can also talk, her friend discloses how it was her Gran who first discovered the magic of the water trough. With a mutual promise to keep their secret, they prepare for the judging at the forthcoming pet show.

But someone has opened the gate. The school ground is full of cattle. Sounds and shouting come from all directions. Chaos reigns. The girls swing into action and muster the cows out of the grounds.

It is not over. A trapped kitten in a tight space needs a small person to get it out. Will Rosie-May’s petite build save the day? What about the horses? They are covered in dust and have no chance to take a prize in their condition.

More titles will follow as these characters and their adventures evolve. Lots of strings are left hanging to work with. Ideal for younger readers and lovers of horse stories.

Title: Rosie-May Blue: Mayhem at the Pet Show
Author: P. E. Woods
Illustrator: Pene Chadwick
Publisher: Little Steps, $14.99
Publication Date: 1 October 2021
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780648267430
For ages: 6+
Type: Junior Fiction Younger