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Sunday 23 January 2022

Review: I Am Hungry

I Am Hungry is about a topic that young children will understand. Being hungry!

Former UK Children's Laureate, Michael Rosen has written I Am Hungry as a humourous take on what you might think and feel when you're hungry.

The star character is a red squirrel and the first words on the page are: I am hungry. 

The word hungry is repeated many times through the book, so children who are learning to read will quickly be able to recognise and read it with or for you.

Squirrel is so hungry that he could eat just about anything, whether it's popcorn or peas. He'd even chase a gingerbread man.

But squirrel is so hungry he is also imagining things that could result after eating too much. Like eating most of a birthday cake, and having a tummy ache. Or eating a signpost!

I Am Hungry is full of rhymes and silliness bound to appeal to children, and is best read aloud. 

The illustrations by Robert Starling are cute, simple and colourful; and there's lots of humour as there is in the text. 

I Am Hungry, which was first published in the compilation A Great Big Cuddle, is the second in a series of books which started with I Am Angry. Up next will be I Am Happy and I Am Wriggly. They are great for exploring feelings and language with young children.

Watch and listen to Michael Rosen sharing I Am Hungry with other poems on his YouTube channel.

Title: I Am Hungry
Author: Michael Rosen
Illustrator: Robert Starling
Publisher: Walker Books, $ 27.99
Publication Date: January 2022
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781406396669
For ages: 4+
Type: Picture Book