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- author Jackie French

Friday 25 February 2022

Review: Spike Surfs

Spike Surfs – From Lost Dogs’ Home to Surfing Champ, is a gem of a book.

An engaging read full of wry humour and a distinctive charm, it’s appropriate for all ages and stages of life. 

Parents will love reading it to their kids and kids will love reading it to their dogs. It’s that kind of book.

Spike Surfs is the tale of a newly rescued dog who’s afraid of the sea. Initially, Spike paces the shore whenever his new owner Rob has a surf. However, with gentle encouragement Spike overcomes his fear to not only enter the water but become a national surfing champion!

A delightful story that highlights the very real bond that can be fostered between people and dogs, this book has got a little bit of everything. Pathos, joy, mateship, devotion, surfing – it’s your classic Aussie love story. 

The illustrations are photographs, often superimposed or placed onto a colourful background – with enough variation to maintain visual interest all the way through. I particularly love that Spike speaks directly to the reader. The different modes of delivery including conventional prose and speech bubbles, are wonderful. There are laugh-out- loud classic moments that will be enjoyed by readers of all ages (and which may even cause a snort or two).

This book is small in size but not substance. I imagine it’s size will rather cleverly endear it to both tiny hands and coffee tables or waiting rooms the world over. And with 50% of sales being donated to The Lost Dogs’ Home, everyone’s a winner.

Title: Spike Surfs
Author: Robert Lorenzon
Illustrators: Robert Lorenzon, Dave Gleeson, Dave Snow, Sharon Heal
Publisher: Wild Dog Books $19.99
Publication Date: February, 2022
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781742036229
For ages: 3+
Type: Picture Book