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- author Jackie French

Friday 18 March 2022

Review: That Cat

That cat. Everyone knows THAT cat. 

The special cat. Your bestie cat. Your fluffy ball of sunshine.

But what about all the other cats?

Across the world, there are so many different and interesting cats.

Like chat cat…

and bat cat….

and fat cat…

and drat cat.

All the cats come together in this glorious celebration of all things kittycat.

With simple rhyming text and explosively entertaining illustrations, this is a book for laughs, giggles and smiles. Its just good picture book fun.

I love the story behind this book, too. The text comes from every Aussie kid’s favourite author, Jacqueline Harvey — author of our beloved Alice-Miranda series.

You may have heard the story that the inspiration for Alice-Miranda came from three girls Harvey taught when she was a teacher. But what you maybe don’t know is that the illustrator of this book, Kate Isobel Scott, was one of those girls nearly 30 years ago.

Kate’s illustrations are simply superb. On each page, for each featured cat, she creates a mini world and story of its own that bring to life all the cats in some super hilarious and engaging ways. The details are glorious and add bucketloads of entertainment to the quirky story.

Cats are the best, and this is a book for every kid (and adult) who loves them.

And after meeting all the different cats across the world, you can snuggle up with THAT cat — YOUR cat — and truly appreciate who is the best cat of all.

Title: That Cat
Author: Jacqueline Harvey
Illustrator: Kate Isobel Scott
Publisher: Puffin, $19.99
Publication Date: 1 March 2022
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781761040702
For ages:  3 - 6 
Type: Picture Book