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- author Jackie French

Wednesday 23 March 2022

Review: You Can Live On The Bright Side

A practical and chirpy book, You Can Live On The Bright Side is a solid resource that offers wholesome advice as well as hands-on activities for children.

Divided into colourful, engaging sections that will assist children to navigate the book’s contents, there’s something here for all ages within the Young Adult category – although the language and content are directed to those at the younger end of this spectrum.

Bell covers a lot of ground, delving into a myriad of subjects – cooking, craft, camping, doing good for others, chilling by yourself, coding, environmental activism, games, stargazing. One of the genuinely heartwarming things about the book is that most children who pick it up will find something that resonates, regardless of their age or demographic. 

Young people will be held by the fantastic, quirky illustrations which are bold and vibrant in primary colours. They’ll also be captured by the true stories of contemporary young people who’ve forged their own paths into the Bright Side and have succeeded. The advice and wisdom from these interviews/vignettes is ageless and very inspiring.

The perfect antidote to the refrain from teenage bedrooms around our pandemic-riddled country ‘But I’m BORED…!’, You Can Live On The Bright Side offers good cheer, activities and hope. It doesn’t dwell on anxiety or glumness but instead offers consistent, practical advice on how to deal with such emotions by encouraging curiosity and engagement with life.

Title: You Can Live On The Bright Side - The Kids’ Guide To Optimism
Author: Lucy Bell
Publisher: Pantera, $29.99
Publication Date: November 2021
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780648677031
For ages: 8 - 12
Type: Junior Fiction – NF – 2-12