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- author Jackie French

Tuesday 26 April 2022

10 Quirky Questions with author Wenda Shurety

1. What's your hidden talent?
I’m not sure if I’d classify this as a talent, but I’m not bad at helping rescue dogs. I’ve rescued several over the years and feel there’s nothing more rewarding than giving a dog with a sad past a happy home, then winning them over.

2. Who is your favourite literary villain and why?
My favourite villain is the multifaceted Marisa Coulter from the His Dark Materials trilogy. I love the many dimensions of her character. She came across as charming and persuasive, but underneath she was incredibly cruel and evil. However, she had a soft spot for her daughter and ends up saving her life.

3. You're hosting a literary dinner party, which five authors would you invite? (alive or dead)
Richard Powers, JK Rowling, Liane Moriarty, Jane Austen, Philip Pullman

4. Which literary invention do you wish was real?
The subtle knife, from the His Dark Materials trilogy. How cool would it be to cut open portals into alternate universes?

5. What are five words that describe your writing process?
Organic, random, emotional, recollected, researched.

6. Which are the five words you would like to be remembered by as a writer?
Understanding, original, quirky, emotional, thoughtful.

7. Picture your favourite writing space. What are five objects you would find there?
Computer, cup of tea, Nellie the pug, Nemo the dachshund and Nutmeg the manx cat.

8. Grab the nearest book, open it to page 22 and look for the second word in the first sentence. Now, write a line that starts with that word. (Please include the name of the book!)
The Emotion Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi. Strong.
Strong smells emanated from under the desk where a dachshund lay curled up asleep.

9. If you could ask one author one question, what would the question be and who would you ask?
Julia Donaldson (picture book author): How do you come up with ideas that both entertain and evoke such a range of emotions in so few words?

10. Which would you rather do: 'Never write another story or never read another book'?
Definitely ‘never write another story’ as I love reading!

Wenda Shurety, or Wobbly Wenda, is a children's author, scientist and archer. She grew up in England, worked in New York and now lives in Australia. Wenda’s books are inspired by her love of being a mum, and the hope that has helped her through her struggle with Multiple Sclerosis. For more information, see www.wendashurety.com.