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- author Jackie French

Wednesday 20 April 2022

Review: The Boy with Flowers in his Hair

This book drew me from the moment I saw the cover. 

I mean, look at it!

Look at those fabulous flowers.

I was immediately keen to find out if this boy’s flowers were a metaphor or if he had flowers threaded through his hair. 

Either would have been delightful, but the reality is so much sweeter because the boy referred to in the title has actual flowers for hair.

The main character in this gorgeous tale is actually not the boy from the cover, but another boy called David. David is friends with the boy with flowers in his hair, and they are the BEST of friends.

They do everything together. Jump in puddles. Sing songs. Even run away from hungry bees searching for delicious nectar.

But one day, the boy with flowers in his hair comes to school sad. And quiet. All his petals have fallen off, and all he has left is sticks and twigs. The kids at school avoid the boy, afraid of getting scratched.

Except for David. David stays close by the boy, and then he has a brilliant idea to help him get his flowers back…

The Boy with Flowers in his Hair is a gorgeous picture book to add to your collection. I just adore the injection of fantasy into the real world. It’s fresh and engaging, and it’s used to great effect to share a hidden but powerful message: embrace what makes you unique.

With stunning illustrations to help guide the story, this book just win, win, wins. Jarvis’ style is bright and bold, yet soft at the same time. I adore the different textures used to create layering and interest. It’s just divine.

There are some picture books you read and just say ‘yes’.

This is one of them.

Title: The Boy with Flowers in his Hair
Author/Illustrator: Jarvis
Publisher: Walker Books, $27.99
Publication Date: 2 March 2022
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781406392517
For ages: 3 - 8
Type: Picture Books