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Tuesday 3 May 2022

Review: Spotlight Please, It's Stevie Louise

Stevie Louise is back in the second instalment in the Stevie Louise series. And this time her theatre troupe, Lunchbox Productions, is in danger.

Lunchbox Productions is the most fun the kids on Brooke Street have ever had, and they want to perform together forever. But costumes and sets cost money, and without some funding, there isn’t going to be anymore amazing plays from Lunchbox.

Until…. Stevie and her friends hear about a talent show happening at the local shopping centre. And first prize is one thousand dollars. 

With that kind of funding, they could continue performing for years!

But there are few problems. Firstly, the competition is fierce. Like seriously fierce. There are twerking grannies, singing goats and the most amazing dance group Stevie has ever seen. Secondly, they haven’t won the competition yet, so they don’t have any money for amazing costumes and sets. And lastly, Alex — superstar actor extraordinaire — has glued a unicorn horn to his forehead, and if he steps one toe out of line, his dad is going to ground him FOREVER!

Stevie and her friends are up against a mountain of opposition, but somehow they need to work as a team, rehearse their performance and win the talent quest. Can they do it?

This is a seriously fun junior fiction series for fans of fast-paced, funny reads. The humour and silliness is jam-packed into this book, making it a joyful (and addictive) read from start to finish.

The whole gang is hilarious, but Stevie an Alex in particular are larger than life characters with a lot to share and a lot to say. I love their independent thinking and courage to step up when its needed. And I love their ability to always be themselves. 

I just adore them (and the whole Lunchbox Productions Crew)!

Author Tanya Hennessy delivers a real winner with this series. These are books kids will really relate to, filled with characters they will want to befriend/be. With big text (with loads of emotion infused into the text layout) and funky pictures by Leigh Hedstrom peppered throughout, it’s an easy and engaging read for kids.

I do recommend grabbing a copy of book one in the series (Drumroll Please, It’s Stevie Louise), because it is that kind of series that builds with each book. But this is just a great excuse to buy more books!

Fun, funny and fast paced, Spotlight Please, It’s Stevie Louise is a junior fiction winner!

Title: Spotlight Please, It’s Stevie Louise
Author: Tanya Hennessy
Illustrator: Leigh Hedstrom
Publisher: Albert Street Books, $14.99
Publication Date: May 2022
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781760526429
For ages: 7 - 11 
Type: Junior Fiction