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Friday 26 August 2022

Review: Four Bad Unicorns

Inspired by her own childhood, Roald Dahl prizewinning author and illustrator Rebecca Patterson has created a quirky fun story that tackles the theme of disability and inclusion with warmth and humour that will resonate with both children and parents.

Unicorn mad sisters Frankie and Connie love playing everything with unicorns - unicorn cereal for breakfast, unicorn speed, unicorn yawning and dreaming of unicorns when they finally go to sleep at night.

Narrated by Connie, it showcases the relationship of sisters and the protectiveness of family – they will go to great lengths to protect each other.

The story centres on Connie and Frankie and their love for each other and their current obsession – unicorns. They are playing unicorns farmers, their favourite game, when their next door neighbours Ada and Colin Beswick turn up and invite themselves in to play with the sisters.

The only problem is Ada takes over and Queen Ada is born. Ada dismisses their game of unicorn farmers as being silly and instead creates the unicorn palace of wonder. Ada then proceeds to banish Connie, Frankie and Colin into a prison of chairs and cushions. Ada even takes over Frankie’s wheelchair, and turns it into the throne of rolling power. 

But enough is enough and they rebel – Connie takes umbrage at Frankie being made part of the prison wall and being turfed out of her wheelchair. So a new plan is born and the three decide to turn into bad unicorns and escape on the bad unicorn train.

Will they make up or has Ada ruined a great friendship?

This picture book celebrates and encourages children’s imagination and innovation and is
the perfect book for sharing.

Title: Four Bad Unicorns
Author/Illustrator: Rebecca Patterson
Publisher: Anderson Press, $29.99
Publication Date: 3 May 2022
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781839131035
For Ages: 4 +
Type: Picture Books