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- author Jackie French

Sunday 28 August 2022

Review: Whodunnit, Eddie Woo? Time Out! (Book #1)

Eddie Woo loves maths, loves adventure and loves his two best friends Rusty and DT.

Together they hang out, have fun and have each other’s backs. They are also curious and keen to find answers to problems that come their way… like when Eddie discovers the founder of their school may have hidden a scavenger hunt leading to a secret fortune.

The kids decide to follow the clues and try to solve the mystery (and find the hidden treasure). And it turns out there a heaps of puzzles to work through in this epic scavenger hunt, so Eddie and the gang get a good brain workout to move forward in the hunt.

But it turns out they aren’t the only ones looking for the treasure, and with every step, it feels like someone is there, watching and waiting.

Who’s out there? And what do they want?

The Whodunnit, Eddie Woo? series is a fabulous new offering on the junior fiction shelf. These books are seriously addictive, and the adventures Eddie and his friends go on make me want to head off in search of mysterious to solve. 

Time Out! is book one in the series, and it starts things off with a splash. Throughout the book there are puzzles and maths challenges, and the mysteries are layered with twists and turns you won’t see coming.

Large text and illustrations throughout make this a great book for junior readers ready to step up to something more challenging. And the book is a fast and action-packed read.

Australia’s favourite maths teacher, Eddie Woo plus Jess Black plus Mitch Vane deliver in this awesome new junior fiction series for maths and mystery lovers everywhere.

Title: Whodunnit, Eddie Woo? Time Out! (Book #1)
Author: Eddie Woo and Jess Black
Illustrator: Mitch Vane
Publisher: Pan Macmillan, $14.99
Publication Date: 28 June 2022
Format:  Soft Cover
ISBN: 9781760982997
For ages: 7 - 13
Type: Junior Fiction