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Wednesday 5 October 2022

Review: A Girl Called Corpse

Corpse is… well… a corpse. With a body made of candle wax, seaweed hair and shells for eyes, she uses magic to hold her body together and prevent her spirit from crossing over into Death Proper.

On the rock-that-doesn’t-exist, Corpse stays hidden in the attic of the witches’ shack. She wants nothing more than to leave the rock and the horrible old witches. She wants to find her family. She wants to live.

But Corpse can’t leave the rock. She tried to find a way, but there isn’t one. Until a ghost turns up and changes everything.

The ghost gives Corpse an unexpected message from a mystery friend. It leads to a way off the rock-that-doesn’t-exist. It leads to a quest to find out who she really is. 

But there are many enemies on her trail, including the witches, and Corpse doesn’t know who to trust. Along with her best friend Simon, who happens to be a spider, Corpse sets off on an adventure that will change her world forever. Can she find her family? Can she remember her name?

A Girl Called Corpse is a stunning and addictive new middle-grade novel. For fans of spooky mysteries, it’s filled with twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the end. It’s also fresh and unique. I haven’t read a story quite like this one before, and I adored the adventure Corpse took me on.

She’s a brave and daring character. She’s flawed and doesn’t always do the right thing. But as she searches for her family, she also unknowingly searches for herself and what it means to be a friend.

A Girl Called Corpse is an action-packed adventure story from debut author Reece Carter. You won’t regret joining Corpse on her quest.

Title: A Girl Called Corpse
Author: Reece Carter
Illustrator: Simon Howe
Publisher: Allen and Unwin, $16.99
Publication Date: October 2022
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781761066788
For ages: 10 - 14
Type: Middle-Grade