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Monday 12 December 2022

Review: The Gecko and the Echo

Goldy the gecko is the star of The Gecko and the Echo. He's a self-assured, singing reptile who thinks he has what it takes to be famous.

Goldy sings his heart out, playing guitar and dancing along. The trouble is, he’s very loud and makes noise all day (and night) long. He’s not overly considerate of his friends and neighbours, and one day they let him know what they think of his musicality and thoughtless behaviour.

Shocked and upset, Goldy takes off and, in doing so, ends up in a canyon where he finds music and other noises are greatly amplified. Hearing a sound that he doesn’t think is particularly good, Goldy discovers that his own voice is echoing and it doesn’t sound great. He’s horrified.

Goldy takes to heart the advice of a new friend, a butterfly, and returns home with a whole new attitude. He’s a changed gecko, kind and helpful, and welcomed by the rest of the gecko colony.

The Gecko and the Echo offers a simple, yet important, message in an entertaining package. With a clever and lively rhyming story by Rachel Bright and bright, amusing cartoon-style pictures by Jim Field, this is a book that can be shared and enjoyed by the whole family.

Title: The Gecko and the Echo
Author: Rachel Bright
Illustrator: Jim Field
Publisher: Hachette - Orchard Books, $24.99
Publication Date: November 2022
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781408356067
For ages: ages 4 - 8
Type: picture book