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- author Jackie French

Monday 2 January 2023

Review: Willa and Woof: Birthday Business

Willa and Woof are back in Birthday Business, and this time they’re trying to plan the ultimate party for Willa’s best old-age friend Frank, who lives at the retirement village at the end of Willa’s Street.

Frank isn’t exactly a party guy. And he didn’t exactly ask for a party. But Willa knows what Frank really wants, so she plans the party anyway. 

The problem is… the planning does not go well. Finding a venue and attendees isn’t easy, and then Willa loses her pen and notebook with all the party plans in it (plus some other secrets she really doesn’t want anyone to find out).

Can Willa and Woof plan the ultimate party for Frank? Will Frank even turn up?

Willa and Woof, by award-winning author Jacqueline Harvey, is a glorious junior fiction series. Fun and easy, the stories are filled with family, friendship and humour. 

Large text and funky illustrations by A. Yi peppered throughout support the reading experience. And brilliant, engaging characters draw readers into the story world. Willa is a funky kid with a big heart. Sure, she sometimes ignores the signs in front of her, but she runs her own race and I love that. I want to be her best friend. I want to be her!

Birthday Business is book 2 in this great series. You don’t need to read book 1 (Mimi is Missing) to read Birthday Business, but I highly recommend that you do!

Title: Willa and Woof: Birthday Business
Author: Jacqueline Harvey
Illustrator: A. Yi
Publisher: Puffin, $12.99
Publication Date: 18 October 2022
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 9781761043321
For ages:  7 - 10
Type: Junior Fiction