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Monday 6 February 2023

Guest Post: KBR's Nia Shetty on New Year, New You: The Power Of Reflections

Vivacious KBR junior reviewer, Nia Shetty is not just an avid reader and reviewer, she an adept columnist and lead copy magazine editor! 

Here is a piece she penned recently about the healing and enlightening qualities of (self) reflection. 

We are delighted to see that reading and writing are some of the best ways to increase self-awareness. Great for curating creativity, too! Thanks, Nia!                                            Self-reflection is a state of mind, that with true determination and intention to reflect, we might end up learning new things about ourselves that could change our lives. 

In the new year, reflecting can help us take control of our lives by learning where we can improve and grow as people. By consistently reflecting on what we are doing right, and where we might be making a mistake, we are able to constantly make enlightening changes in daily aspects of our life.

Here are a few reasons why self-reflection can benefit us-

  1. Self-Awareness- By looking inwards on our actions, we are able to see a raw, unfiltered version of ourselves. We are also able to see how we handle certain situations,without the presumed notion that we are able to do everything perfectly, because in reality: we can’t. We can use the knowledge of our strengths and weaknesses to make decisions that reflect our true self. We are able to learn about our areas of improvement and where we have room to grow. By overcoming our weaknesses and being able to be aware of what makes us successful, we can appreciate ourselves more and have more self-confidence. Over time, we will be able to use self-awareness every day, by keeping in check with our minds, our actions, and our emotions. 
  1. Perspective- When we look back and reflect, we will always find moments where we were preoccupied and losing positive energy over things that seemed important at the time. But as we self-reflect we may see things in a different light. We will learn that in the grand scheme of things, those moments weren’t worth all the tension it caused us, because we have some many positive things to look forward to. Author Sean Covey, who wrote The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens stated in his book that nothing can affect us, or ruin our days, unless we let it. This means that we have the power to decide what moments are going to affect us, and we can decide to focus on the positive things in our life, rather than wasting energy on the negative. This is why self-reflecting, and self-awareness is important, because it can make us happier people. When we start prioritizing, and realizing what truly matters to us, we are able to become the best versions of ourselves.

Using these 5 practices in your daily life will help you become more self-aware and gain a better perspective on life.

  1. Journaling- Once a day, take a moment to unwind by writing down your thoughts. Here’s an idea for you to start off with: Think about one thing that made you smile, one thing that caused you stress, and one thing you felt grateful for this year 
  1. Nature walks- Taking a step outside, and being surrounded by the beauty of nature gives you an opportunity to clear your mind. If you’re able to take this walk with pets or loved ones, you’ll be able to share the joy of being outside. 
  1. Reading- By exploring new worlds and learning new perspectives, you are able to not only take a step away from reality, but also bring back valuable traits into your day-to-day life. Also, you could read a self-improvement book, to think about reflection in a deeper sense. 
  1. Listening- Seeing the best in everybody, and helping others feel heard and appreciated, will not only benefit others, but also benefit you. By simply listening, you will be surrounded by positive energy.
  2. Meditating- Sitting still with your eyes closed and taking deep breaths transports you to a state of calm. Meditating helps you make positive affirmations, set goals for the future, and reflect and grow on what you have done in the past.

I truly hope this article helps you become the best version of yourself as we ring in the new year.