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- author Jackie French

Thursday 16 February 2023

Review: The Super Adventures of Ollie and Bea: Bunny Ideas (Book #5) and Otter-ly Ridiculous (Book #6)

Books 5 and 6 in The Super Adventures of Ollie and Bea series are out, and owl/bunny duo Ollie and Bea are all about play in these fun instalments.

In Bunny Ideas (Book 5), Bea has a whole line up of games planned for playtime, but she doesn’t exactly love it when she loses… so she keeps changing the rules. Can Bea learn to have fun without winning?

In Otter-ly Ridiculous (Book 6), Bea really wants to play hide-and-seek, but when Ollie and Bea’s friends join in and the game gets super competitive, the friends end up in a giant fight. 

Can the crew sort out their quarrels and get back to playing? It’s not so easy when everyone has very strong ideas about the best way to play.

The Ollie and Bea series is a sweet and colourful graphic-novel addition to the junior fiction shelf. 

Super easy to follow and easy to read, the books are joyful and entertaining. 

Love the animal word play used throughout — words like owl-some, i-deer, unhoppy and toad-ally —and I love that the characters are beyond kid. They act and talk (and misbehave) like kids, making the books super relatable and just lots of fun.

These books are perfect for newly independent readers + juniors who love a bucketload of gorgeous illustrations with their stories.

Title: The Super Adventures of Ollie and Bea: Otter-ly Ridiculous and Bunny Ideas 
Author/Illustrator: Renee Treml
Publisher: Allen and Unwin, $12.99
Publication Date: 31 January 2023
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781761068119 (book 5) 9781761068126 (book 6)
For ages: 4 - 7
Type: Junior Fiction