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- author Jackie French

Saturday 25 March 2023

Review: Satin

Satin is one of those powerful, magical picture books that demands a re-read as soon as you reach the end. It calls you to go back and dive deeper into the story — to try to understand all its secrets.

It’s one of those stories I believe readers can find their own truth in — pull out meanings and ideas that others won’t necessarily find.

And the magic associated with this sends tingles down my spine.

Satin is the name of the main character in this whimsical tale. 

Every morning early when no-one is about, Satin slips out of the forest and walks along the silent sleepy sunrise streets, looking for blue…

Satin collects blue things, slipping them into his pockets and retreating to the safety of the forest. He's shy and keeps to himself, but when he hears a voice talking about blue, and he realises someone is in need, he takes the best blue thing he has and gives it away. 

Soon blue things connect Satin to the world in ways he didn't expect. He finds a purpose for all his blue things and it changes him forever. 

Award-winning author Sophie Masson delivers something truly special in this book. For me, this story is about loneliness, sadness, connection and hope (in that order). It’s about sacrifice and building bridges and reaching out even when you don't understand why someone is feeling how they feel. 

It’s about magic in the forest and the what ifs and what could bes.

For you, it might be about something completely different. That's the beauty of it. There might be something between the covers you see that I don’t. A spine-tingling thought indeed.

The illustrations by acclaimed artist Lorena Carrington are as special as the text. Mixed media in deep shades of blue and purple create a mystical feel. Shadows and darkness create mystery and beg readers to explore the details in hopes of finding treasure on the pages. Just stunning! 

For a very special picture book read, I highly recommend grabbing a copy of Satin.

Title: Satin
Author: Sophie Masson 
Illustrator: Lorena Carrington
Publisher: MidnightSun Publishing, $29.99
Publication Date: March 2023
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781922858016
For ages: 5+
Type: Picture Books