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- author Jackie French

Monday 13 March 2023

Review: Tales From The Bush Mob: The Cockatoo Wars

This brilliant, humorous story, the fourth in the Tales of the Bush Mob series, opens onto another daring adventure with a group of birds and their animal friends who live in Outback Australia. 

White Boss Cocky and Black Boss Cocky have been at odds with one another for a very long time. Their clans continue to fight about who is responsible for the protection of the ancient forests. There is no end in sight to the raucous they continue to cause.

A monumental fight occurs that causes two baby cockies to fall out of their nests. 

Due to the lack of feathers on the baby birds, their mothers are unable to tell them apart. They decide to move to the edge of the forest and raise them together as brothers. 

It is Eagle who warns the mothers of a fast-approaching fire. The animals must be warned to move to safety, as no firebreak exists. The Boss Cockies have neglected their responsibilities.

Too busy fighting to listen, it is the Bush Mob that set out to save the animals. The mothers, and brothers who are now grown, lead the clans. All assemble at the Billabong. 

Can their ingenious plan to save the ancient forest be successful? Will the cockatoo clans end the feud to work together and become leaders again?

It will take more than common sense and courage to let go of their useless fighting. Will the birds and animals survive a raging fire and a sky full of ash and embers? 

This wonderful tale carries metaphors on the importance of handing down stories and traditions. It addresses the responsibility all people carry to respect, protect and honour the land we live on.

Beautiful illustrations adorn each page. Children can learn about all our native animals, birds and creatures that live in the forest through the stunning images Helen Milroy has created, and how survival depends on them working together and respecting the role in nature that each one has to play.

Title: Tales From The Bush Mob: The Cockatoo Wars
Author/Illustrator: Helen Milroy
Publisher: Magabala Books, $24.99
Publication Date: 1 February 2023
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781922613554
For ages: 6+
Type: Junior Fiction