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Monday 14 August 2023

Review: Hello Twigs

From the creators of Real Pigeons, come new entertaining and delightful characters. Hello Twigs introduces Red, Noodle, Stump and Ziggy.

Three twigs and a stump. The characters are best friends, funny and playful, full of wild ideas, and always looking out for each other. 

The four books in this graphic series for early readers are released all together. They come in different colours and each book carries its own theme.

In Surprise, red is the colour of the book. Red, the twig, thinks he is the best because of his colour. 

He decides to play a game of surprise and sets about jumping out at his friends at every turn. 

He sees it as fun.

But that’s not what the others think.

How will the twigs teach Red to give more welcomed surprises instead of scary ones?

Time to Paint
is blue. Noodle is an artistic twig. He sees art as an expression of one’s feelings. But first, preparations must be made. Everyone is excited as they search for coloured things in nature that can be used as paint. A large leaf is Noodle’s drawing board.

As there are no rules to art, there are no limits to the imagination!

But the colour blue, the most important, is missing from the palette. Can they reach the sky to take a piece of its colour? Impossible! Can Ziggy solve this dilemma?

Let’s Find Treasure
is yellow. Twigs view the world in a unique way as they are part of nature. Twiggy sets out on a treasure hunt. But what does that mean? The other twigs and Stump decide to join in.

Each defines treasure differently. Things found in the natural world can be seen as treasures. Can the friends meet somewhere in the middle?  Then, another issue arises. Ziggy is scared of heights. How can Ziggy overcome his fear?

How are You Feeling
? is green. Stump is feeling great sadness. He wants to be part of a tree again. He misses the feel of the breeze against him. He tries all the ways he can imagine, to make himself part of a tree again, without success. The twigs find a way to help their friend lose his sadness and find joy once more.

These colourful books will awaken children to the beauty of nature, its usefulness and glory. They are encouraged through the twig’s examples, to be creative, innovative, work as a team, and accept each other’s differences.

Title: Hello Twigs:Surprise!, Time to Paint, Let's Find Treasure, How are you Feeling?
Author: Andrew McDonald
Illustrator: Ben Wood
Publisher: Hardie Grant, $9.99
Publication Date: 2 August 2023
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781761211980, 9781761212017, 9781761212000, 97816121997
For ages: 3 – 6
Type: Graphic Novel