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Wednesday 16 August 2023

Review: Jawsome: Jawsome 1

Jawsome is a new series, written and illustrated by RJ Timmis, about a bunch of shark kids who are just regular sharks by day, and a famous rock band by night.

In Jawsome 1 you'll get two cool stories in the one book: Stage Bite and Finvestigated.

There are sharks and adventure, word play and music. 

The starring character in Jawsome, and the band's lead guitarist, is Finley the reef shark whose alter ego is Felix Frenzy. 

Finley's friends and bandmates are a tiger shark (Hunter), pointer shark aka great white (Gnash), and a lemon shark (Gilleon).

When lead singer, Ann Chovi leaves the band in the lurch, it looks like Finley will be called on to take her spot. The only problem is that he gets stage fright. Perhaps auditions for a new singer will find someone to help?

That's the driver for Stage Bite, the first story in the book.

The second story, Finvestigated, sees the band being investigated by a wannabe journalist. Squidley Whistleblower is a new kid at school, and out to discover just who it is that makes up Jawsome and expose them. The band is desperate to remain anonymous and divert attention to someone or something else, and keep performing. Will they be successful?

These are not scary sharks. They're actually funny, and rather cute. The shark and ocean-themed word play in Jawsome will make you laugh or groan, or perhaps both. Think 'Shellvis Presley', 'seaspicious', 'prawndemonium' and 'crabtastrophe'. Look out for little visual jokes, too.

Jawsome is highly illustrated in a cartoon style, with pictures on each page. Its format and content make it a book with great appeal for newly independent, or reluctant readers. Enjoying the stories is also complemented by the shark trivia integrated into them.

Kids (and their parents) looking for something new to read will love Jawsome.

Title: Jawsome 1
Author/Illustrator: RJ Timmis
Publisher: Allen & Unwin, $15.99
Publication Date: August 2023
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781761068591
For ages: 6+
Type: Junior Fiction