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- author Jackie French

Thursday 31 August 2023

Review: Lunchbox Boss

This book is impossible! I may have to stop being a reviewer because it’s way too hard when it comes to books like Lunchbox Boss

Every time I sit down to take a good, long look inside its pages, I get so distracted and hungry that all I can do is stare longingly into the open fridge.

You see, internet sensation George Georgievski is a wizard. Alongside his onomatopoeic name, warm, chatty writing style and massive number of Insta followers, are a bevy of lunchbox photographs that make me want to climb onto high rooftops and sing his praises. 

I can’t believe the ingenuity, the beauty and the salivation that this book elicits.

And so, here I am with an important lesson learned… Don’t offer to review a book about food if you’re going to get all hungry about it.

Lunchbox Boss contains recipes and ideas for every diet, palate, obsession and compulsion. Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Nut Free, Vegan, Raw Food, No Bake, Time Saving hacks, Money Saving hacks – whatever you need, it’s in this book.

And then, there are the photos. Photos to make you weep with joy (or with the pain of not being able to re-create what’s in them). And there’s just something about all the little compartments in these lunchboxes that gets me every time. I could watch vision and photos of these for days on end. They’re so satisfying!

There are anecdotes, funnies, good chats and recipes that sound (and look) easy and do-able. Of COURSE I can mash potato onto my Griller in order to make a toastie without bread. It’s right there in the photo, looking just like a jaffle. Regular bread fashioned from mashed potato? Pffft. Child’s play.

And did I mention that the pictures are amazing?

If you don’t have an actual Lunchbox Boss in your household, then this book is the next best thing.

Just don’t read it on an empty stomach.

Title: Lunchbox Boss
Author: George Georgievski
Publisher: Pan Macmillan $26.99
Publication Date: 25 July 2023
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781761265938
For ages: All
Type: Cookbook, Non-fiction