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- author Jackie French

Friday 18 August 2023

Review: Parcel for Koala

Guess who’s getting a parcel next? It’s Koala!

Our cranky bird postman is back, and this time he’s riding a kangaroo into the outback to our friend Koala.

Koala is feeling super sleepy but is finding it hard to get to sleep. What has Turtle sent in the post, and can it help solve Koala’s sleep problem?

Everyone’s keen to have a guess. A hammock? A harp? A set of earmuffs? What could it possibly be? You won’t guess it, but you’ll love the unexpected surprise!

The Parcel For series is a fabulous set of picture books for young ones. They provide a great guessing game to keep kids on their toes and get them engaged in storytelling. As you turn the pages, they can join in on the guessing fun. It’s a great group read-aloud. It’s fun and silly and joyful.

And once you experience the surprise of finding out what Koala’s parcel is, you can enjoy the journey of discovering what’s in Penguin's parcel and what’s in Gorilla’s parcel, too.

Title: A Parcel for Koala
Author/Illustrator: Shelley Knoll-Miller
Publisher: Puffin, $14.99
Publication Date: 18 July 2023
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781761046636
For ages:  2 - 5
Type: Picture Books