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Monday 7 August 2023

Review: Super Sloth Episode 1: The Shar-Wolf of New York City

Humans and animals living side by side, solving mysteries and fighting crime.

Romeo Fortez is a very special pygmy sloth. He’s not like any sloth you’ve ever met. He’s super speedy and super strong. 

Born on a tiny island in the Atlantic ocean, Romeo does his best to fit in with the other sloths in his community. But Romeo itches for more. He’s smart and curious and island life just isn’t enough.

So…. Romeo heads to New York. The city that never sleeps. The city where anything can happen. Including… a giant shark wolf wreaking havoc through the streets.

Romeo teams up with an unlikely group of crime fighting friends, including Beth, Ham and Tulip. Together, they start investigating the very suspicious Weird-Warp Industries and tracking the giant shark wolf. 

They’ve got a hideout full of high-tech gadgets, fast cars, wit and grit. This rag-tag team of superheroes are the city’s only hope. Can they figure out what the shark wolf (or shar-wolf) wants and save the day?

Super fun and action-packed, Super Sloth Episode 1: the Shar-Wolf of New York City is an explosive start to a brand-new junior fiction series by Aleesah Darlison. It’s fast-paced, has gadgets galore and will surprise you with twists you won’t see coming. It’s also an easy read for new-to-chapter-book kids. Big text, short chapters and a fast-flowing plot that’s addictive and engaging.

Cheri Hughes’ funky black and white illustrations feature throughout. Expressive and detailed, they are perfectly paired with this superhero story.

And something extra special… this story shines a subtle light on genetics and science. It could just be me who's fascinated and obsessed with genetic manipulation and gene-splicing technology, but I really think this is something kids are going to be intrigued by. Without overshadowing the story, a little spotlight hovers above the subject matter, sparking ideas and questions for curious minds keen to know more. Love it!

Junior readers who love action and mystery are going to cheer for this one.

Title: Super Sloth Episode 1: The Shar-Wolf of New York City
Author: Aleesah Darlison
Illustrator: Cheri Hughes
Publisher: Big Sky Publishing, $14.99
Publication Date: 10 April 2023
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781922896537
For ages: 7 - 9
Type: Junior Fiction