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Thursday 7 September 2023

Guest Post: Alyssa Ainsworth on Why Theme Is So Important In Children's Books

When I first started writing, I knew I wanted my first book to be a fairytale, but wanted a theme that reached beyond the pages of the book. 

What I find so vital about the theme of my first published book, Tea Time With Tolly, was that the parents do not shy away from allowing her (Olivia) to have such an open mind and a vast imagination. When she goes to bed that night, she dreams of the people who could show up at her door, but her dream has some restrictions on who might show up.

In Olivia’s mind, she keeps the guests relatively realistic, as most children would. She thinks maybe it is her parents, or that the knights of the kingdom are going to join her, and lastly, she dreams that her friends from other kingdoms arrive to join her. 

Although her suggestions are realistic, her father goes above and beyond to nurture her imagination and grant her wishes of wanting real company.

The overarching theme is to show the significance of nurturing your children’s imagination and letting them explore the world with a vast and open mind. This is an amazing way to allow children to grow and explore their own life, and I hope my book will encourage parents to let their children have a never-ending imagination, and an open door to exploration of the world through their own unique eyes. 

I know that because my parents allowed me to explore the world with an open mind and vast imagination is the reason, I am able to write a book with such an important theme. A few of my readers reached out not realizing that they could enjoy this book with both their daughters and sons due to the guest who shows up, and it is so important to try not to put limits on what stories your child reads because that too can leave them with less of an open mind toward certain books. Even though the book is recommended for ages three to eight, it is never too early to start reading for your children. Following Princess Olivia’s unexpected guest she spends the night dreaming of her next big tea party adventure, and who might join her next time.

Growing up, I found myself to be very open-minded and creative. I never loved the idea of getting older and having to do adult responsibilities and jobs. I craved the imaginative and open atmosphere of theater camps, art classes, reading, writing stories, and anything that allowed me to use my own ideas and creativity in life. That’s why after I graduated with a bachelor’s in psychology, I originally went into education and child care. Working summer camps, I was able to be the big kid running games, activities, and crafts that made my kids use their imagination, it was an amazing time.I like to consider myself someone who can hold onto their inner child, and use it to my advantage, and that gave me the idea to write a children’s book. I wanted to write this story about a princess because I love going to Renaissance fairs, and love playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Using my hobbies and things I enjoy now, as an adult, made it even easier to write a children’s book with such an important theme. This shows that memories made in your childhood still have an importance in your adult life and influence your choices. Writing this book allows me to let parents have these memories with their children that they can hold onto forever, just like I did with my family growing up. I hope that my inner child, my vast imagination, and my open-minded book bring joy into you and your children’s lives, and help you teach your children about the importance of their own imagination. I cannot wait to continue writing children’s books, a journey of never-ending fairy tales, that provide important themes as well as a sense of child-like imagination and wonder.

Alyssa Ainsworth is a first time children’s book author from just outside of Washington D.C.. With her Bachelor’s in Psychology, Alyssa plans to pursue writing using her unique skill set to create books that will help children grow emotionally, mentally and socially.

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