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Thursday 12 October 2023

Review: Bedtime Stories

If you're looking for some brilliant stories to read aloud at bedtime, or for independent reading, then Bedtime Stories by RA Spratt is a great go-to book.

It's a spin-off from the popular weekly podcast, Bedtime Stories with RA Spratt (check that out here).

In Bedtime Stories the book, you'll find 25+ short stories to enjoy.

There are tales shared by RA Spratt's character Nanny Piggins, and featuring another of her characters, Friday Barnes (in the case of the purloined pudding). 

Re-tellings of myths and legends (Medusa) are mixed with fairy tales (The Ugly Duckling), contemporary stories (A Tall Tale About Bees ... And Alien Invasion), and history (The True History of Marie Curie).

There's also a short pronounciation guide which can be checked before, during or after reading aloud (words like Sheherazade). Plus a map and a couple of recipes.

Reading at bedtime has multiple benefits for children of all ages. It supports having a bedtime routine, helps with relaxation and sleeping, and to reduce stress and anxiety. Reading together at bedtime is also a great joint activity for adults and children, and this is a great book for this purpose.

Bedtime Stories is packed with humour and inspiration for the imagination. Keep a copy handy for bedtime reading and anytime reading.

Title: Bedtime Stories
Author: RA Spratt
Publisher: Puffin, $ 22.99
Publication Date: August 2023
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781761340017
For ages: 7+
Type: Junior Fiction