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Tuesday 10 October 2023

Review: Nightsong

Lewis and his mum are on the bus home from the city when a wheel POPS. Everyone must get out and wait on the side of the country road.

Lewis is bored… until the sounds of the night start calling to him. He follows a firefly to discover a whole world of interesting night sounds.

Nightsong is a stunning picture book about sounds and curiosity. 

The book is filled with honks, hoots, creaks, zings, rustles, burbles and beeps. Each is made a feature in big and bright font, allowing kids to focus on the sounds and call them out. It’s a true celebration of sound wrapped up in a joyful story about finding something new when you just stop for a moment and listen.

This book is so ‘kid’. Everything about it. From the frustration Lewis feels to the curiosity that pulls him into the night. Kids will connect with it all.

There’s also some great humour in here for adults, which makes it one of those picture books both kids and adults will LOVE.

Sally Soweol Han is an extremely talented creator. Her illustrations, like her words, are something really special. Her sketchy, scribbly style is so inviting, and her targeted use of colour in this book is unique and engaging. 

Most of the illustrations are black, white and grey, but colour explodes from the sound-creating objects like the bus, the onomatopoeia and the glow of the firefly that so intrigues Lewis. It draws the eye and is a really powerful use of colour in storytelling.

Nightsong is a magical picture book. One I suspect will be adored by kids, parents and teachers everywhere.

Another great picture book by Sally is the award-winning Tiny Wonders

Title: Nightsong
Author/Illustrator: Sally Soweol Han
Publisher: UQP, $24.99
Publication Date: 3 October 2023
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780702266188
For ages:  3 - 8
Type: Picture Books