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Thursday 2 November 2023

Guest Post: Michelle McKenzie on Travelling Stone

Michelle McKenzie loves a good pastry, travelling and books. Find out how she combined all three along with her two children. 

I love creating a new world through writing, and if I can illustrate it, even better! 


Since I was a child, I have loved writing and drawing. I would arrive home from school and continue writing my latest story, accompanied by illustrations. 

I was never short on ideas, and I’d often start a story, then move on to my next big idea. I still have many of these stories today. But what was extra magical was when my love for writing and my passion for travelling with children collided. That had so much power and momentum that I was swept away! The result was the first in the series, The Travelling Stone – France

It follows the main character, Piper, as she discovers a special stone that can take her anywhere in the world. This stone transports her and her brother, Lachie, to the cobblestone streets of Paris. Many adventures await the two children in France, including visiting the Eiffel Tower, tasting delicious pastries, and meeting a puppeteer! Piper and Lachie make new friends, speak French, and solve problems along the way.

The Travelling Stone – France, was inspired by our travels around the world while we worldschool our two children. Worldschooling is a growing educational movement where the world is your classroom. We value the real-life learning that travelling brings us, and since they were babies, our children have been jumping on planes, boats, and canoes! We love experiencing new places and see it as a rewarding way to spend quality time together and educate our children. 


A by-product of this lifestyle has been the immense wonder and awe I feel towards our planet, inspired by watching my children enjoy it. Seeing the world through children’s eyes motivated me to create a series of illustrated chapter books, giving all children access to the diverse beauty of each country that Piper and Lachie visit. Through whimsical illustrations and descriptive prose, I transport the reader to the various locations in the book. 

The first in the series, set in France, mirrors our journey through Paris and Colmar when our children were young. Many of the landmarks and characters within the story are inspired by real events. In writing The Travelling Stone series, I hope to inspire both young and old to travel the world and see each new experience with child-like wonder. It is the perfect book to share with your children or grandchildren.


Since she was young, Michelle has been writing and illustrating for her own enjoyment. A former teacher, now a mother of two, she draws inspiration from her family travels as they explore the world while educating their children.

In writing
The Travelling Stone series, Michelle hopes to inspire both young and old to travel the world and see each new experience with child-like wonder. Michelle loves breakfast buffets, finding a good bookshop and anything to do with Christmas!

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