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Friday 22 December 2023

Review: Alice-Miranda and the Christmas Mystery

Jacqueline Harvey, author of the bestselling Alice-Miranda books, has a new story in the series perfect for the festive season.  

Alice-Miranda and the Christmas Mystery starts with a surprisingly serious prologue, set in the past. 

When the story returns to the present day, plans are afoot to celebrate the holidays.

Alice-Miranda has invited some of her friends to stay at Highton Hall. 

Decorations being hung all over the house, making it very festive. 

The bannister challenge is an exciting idea, but has unfortunate consequences.

There are strange goings on in the district, too. Why would someone be stealing Christmas decorations?

Another mystery involves two sisters, Delia and Maggie. Maggie ran away when she was fifteen, and after the passing of many years, has died. Why did she leave and what happened to her?

 Alice-Miranda is a curious and determined girl, and she just might be able to solve both mysteries. 

Alice-Miranda and the Christmas Mystery is packed with characters of all ages and a plot with lots that happens. Christmas is a busy time of year, after all. It's a story with a happy ending, though one which covers some serious subject matter along the way.

Download a special find-a-word from Jacqueline Harvey's website. There are also videos to watch and activities to download from the Alice-Miranda Project. And you can try the Name Generator which will tell you what your name would be in the world of Alice-Miranda and Clementine Rose. Be prepared for something unusual!

Title: Alice-Miranda and the Christmas Mystery
Author: Jacqueline Harvey
Publisher: Puffin, $16.99
Publication Date: October 2023
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781761048944
For ages: 8+
Type: Junior Fiction