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- author Jackie French

Monday 18 December 2023

Review: A Life Song

A Life Song is a poetic, lyrical picture book with beautiful, emotive illustrations.

It follows a child through life, and all its ups and downs and roundabouts.

Learning to walk and talk. Going to school. Playing with friends. 

Life changes as time moves on. And as time moves on, life seems to move more quickly, too.

As the child grows to adulthood and their own family grows, they experience many adventures, challenges, and emotions -- happiness, excitement, sadness, and even death.

A Life Song is all these things. It explores the world in words and pictures that are a symphony of people and places, events and experiences.

Created by Jane Godwin and Anna Walker, A Life Song is unusual and might prompt memories, or questions. It's a reminder that life might be short or long, difficult or easy. And that even if you're not sure where life will take you, love is always there along the way.

A Life Song is a book for sharing -- by adults with children, or with other adults, as a graduation gift, and in other ways.

Title: A Life Song
Author: Jane Godwin
Illustrator: Anna Walker
Publisher: Puffin, $ 24.99
Publication Date: October 2023
Format: Harcover
ISBN: 9781761047640
For ages: 7+
Type: Picture Book