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- author Jackie French

Friday 29 December 2023

Review: Mr Clownfish, Miss Anemone And The Hermit Crab

Author/illustrator Sean E Avery’s secret superpower seems to lie in bringing small, yet not necessarily beautiful, creatures together in stories that both make you laugh and melt your heart.

Set entirely under the surface of the ocean, this book dives into friendship, connection, caring for each other and being open to new ideas.

Mr Clownfish and Miss Anemone are, quite simply, the very best of friends. Because she is fixed to the one spot, Miss Anemone relies upon Mr Clownfish to bring his bestie small, delicious sea morsels to snack upon. 

And in turn, Miss Anemone scares big fish away from Mr Clownfish by using her stinging tentacles. Their friendship is going along swimmingly well… until the day when Mr Clownfish brings Miss Anemone a very special gift. A hermit crab gift.

Will Hermit Crab upset the balance and destroy this simple, caring friendship? 

Has Miss Anemone been kidnapped?

What happens when one friend no longer needs another in the same way?
These and other questions are answered through the book with compassion, humour and joy.

Children and adults alike will adore the beautiful, coloured illustrations that cleverly and warmly depict underwater scenes and characters. The placement of colour, bubbles and horizon lines bring a wonderful depth and spaciousness to each double spread.

A gorgeous book for summer time, and any time.

Mr Clownfish, Miss Anemone And The Hermit Crab
Author/Illustrator: Sean E Avery
Publisher: Walker Books, $25.99
Publication Date: 4 October 2023
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781760654344
For Ages: 4 - 7
Type: Picture Book