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- author Jackie French

Monday 11 December 2023

Review: Pink Santa

Pink Santa is a clever, warm-hearted, cheeky, laugh-out-loud play on the traditionally known and loved Night Before Christmas. It’s also about embracing change and being yourself.

When Santa’s classic red and white furry suit is mistakenly popped into a hot wash cycle and ends up pink, what are the elves, reindeer and indeed good old Santa himself, to do?

Never fear! The answer lies in creating a pink Christmas which is inclusive of everyone – and is a hoot, to boot!

Clever word play, interaction between the actual text and speech boxes from delightful characters on the page, Rudolph sporting a shiny pink nose and a kid looking out his window saying ‘You slay, Santa!’ are just some of the many joys to beho- ho- hold in this picture book.

Children will love the naughty, irreverent interludes and the familiarity of old friends in tricky situations. 

With a gorgeous Christmas-sy moral – that we can take mistakes and turn them upside down, becoming new and inclusive in the process – and a call to action to be your very own self, this book is a fun, playful and fresh Christmas offering.

Pink Santa
Author: Tanya Hennessy
Illustrator: Ben Whitehouse
Publisher: Allen & Unwin, $19.99
Publication Date: 29 August 2023
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781761180392
For ages: 4 - 8
Type: Picture Book