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- author Jackie French

Wednesday 20 March 2024

Review: Two Rabbits

Once harsh words are said between friends, they cannot be unsaid.

 It is the hardest thing to correct if left unattended.

On a dark windy night, Little Grey Rabbit and Little Brown Rabbit have a disagreement.

They part in anger. One goes right, the other goes left.

They move so fast to put space between them, even the wind can’t catch them.

But it catches their angry words and carries them with it.

Anger, especially between friends, fogs everything up.

One sits on a wooden seat, the other far away in an empty bathtub. Nature surrounds them in animal pairs.

Their separation is a lonely and heavy thing. Nothing feels the same.

The wind blows out their words and reminds them of what friendship means, and what it needs.

Can the morning, bright with light, bring understanding to the two rabbits?

This is a beautiful reminder of what can happen in the heat of the moment, especially between friends. This should not mean that the friendship is over.

When anger cools, the beautiful emotions that come with calm, move in.

Soft toned colours blend with vibrant ones to create the insightful illustrations. Fine-lined images are juxtaposed against the fragility of the friendship. The powerful movement of the wind on the page indicates how strong anger can be; how destructive.

Title: Two Rabbits
Author: Larissa Ferenchuck
Illustrator: Prue Pittock
Publisher: EK Books, $24.99
Publication Date: 3 February  2024
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781922539656
For ages: 4 – 8
Type: Picture Book