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Wednesday 17 April 2024

Book Lists: Peace and War

We’ve grouped together some of the many book lists we’ve shared over recent years, in case you missed them the first time around.

We hope they inspire you to pick up a book you’ve not read before, or find a book to help explore and better understand a particular subject with readers of all ages.

Peace and war feature in many books, from picture books for preschoolers and older readers to YA fiction. 

Over the years we've shared more book lists on this topic than any other. While non-fiction can teach us about historical events and people who have had an impact on the world, fiction gives us stories with new and different perspectives, and helps develop empathy. These books are a window into history and a prompt for a better future.

Je suis tolérante - Stories representing different historical and contemporary cultures, and encouraging peace and tolerance. http://www.kids-bookreview.com/2015/01/book-list-je-suis-tolerante.html

Anzac Day - Remembrance - Ten picture books use stories to help remember those who have served in wartime. http://www.kids-bookreview.com/2017/04/terrific-10-anzac-day-remembrance.html

Anzac Day - Experiences of war - These books explore what war is and the impact of the experience of war. http://www.kids-bookreview.com/2017/04/terrific-10-anzac-day-experiences-of-war.html

Picture books about Gallipoli and Anzacs - Stories that are narrative and stories with a strong focus on facts about World War I. These titles include some based on true stories. http://www.kids-bookreview.com/2015/04/book-list-picture-books-about-gallipoli.html

Picture books about peace and hope - Amidst conflict it's important to have hope and seek peace. These stories help children understand these concepts. http://www.kids-bookreview.com/2014/04/book-list-picture-books-about-peace-and.html

Young adult novels about war and conflict - A selection of stories that provide insight into the impact of war, particularly on young people. http://www.kids-bookreview.com/2014/04/book-list-young-adult-novels-about-war.html

Middle fiction novels about war and conflict - Stories told using narrative fiction can help young readers to understand the experience of war and its ramifications on a personal and global level. http://www.kids-bookreview.com/2014/04/book-list-middle-fiction-novels-about.html

Picture books about war and conflict - The complexity of war can make it a difficult subject to talk about. These books are helpful in raising and exploring the concept of war with young children. http://www.kids-bookreview.com/2014/04/book-list-picture-books-about-war-and.html

ANZAC books worth knowing - Five picture books about experiences of the ANZAC soldiers, told from different perspectives. http://www.kids-bookreview.com/2012/04/anzac-books-worth-knowing.html

More books and lists with stories looking at the experience of war http://www.kids-bookreview.com/2016/04/anzac-day-2016-book-list-books-about.html