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Friday 12 April 2024

Review: The Great Australian Science Book

The Great Australian Science Book, another great title from the CSIRO, is about science big and small.

It's a journey through the human body, planet earth, and the universe, along with the concepts that are an important part of them working.

What makes up the universe? Discover what the big bang and dark matter are, and what makes up a galaxy and a solar system. Delve into earth's geology, evolution, animals, plants and habitats. And climate change.

Explore our bodies by looking at genes and cells, and the different systems that keep us alive. 

Skeletons and muscles, the brain, immune system, and more.

Follow food as it enters you mouth and passes through the digstive system. Learn the basics of human reproduction, and how as many as 70 thousand cells in our bodies die every day and are replaced.

Discover the periodic table and what an element is, how electricity works, how magnets create a magnetic field and can be used for travel, headphones, and medical science. Force and motion, waves, and lots more.

Scientists have made important discoveries and 21 of them are highlighted, along with scientific occupations and simple experiments you can try. There's also a great timeline of discovery which stretches from 2,500,000 BCE to today.

Want to be an orthopaedist? Learn about bones by putting a dry chicken bone in a glass with vinegar and see how it changes the bone's strength. Like to to become a rocket scientist? Start by making a rocket using a plastic bottle, four pencils, baking soda and vinegar. Rather be a mathematician? There's a clever trick with numbers you can play on your friends.

Everyone can be a scientist, even children, and The Great Australian Science Book reminds us to stop, think, and check what we hear, and to learn the truth by continuing to explore the world around us.

Teacher's notes, which include simple science experiments, are available to download.

Title: The Great Australian Science Book
Author: Luke O'Neill
Illustrator: Linda Fahrlin
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing, $ 29.99
Publication Date: April 2024
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781486316595
For ages: 8+
Type: Junior Non-Fiction