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- author Jackie French

Friday 26 April 2024

Review: Saturday Is Pancake Day

It’s hard not to wonder, with the visual riot and chaos of cooking pancakes in this fabulous book, whether there have been spies in my household for years...

Saturday is Pancake Day is a gorgeous, messy and delectable (I use that word loosely) rendition of a family tradition taken to extremes. The huge pancake on the cover is tactile with those little holes that signify the very best of pancake-dom. Fancy.

Milo makes the best pancakes, but today, Henry doesn’t feel like them. What? Why? Who in their right mind doesn’t like pancakes?

This book sets out to explore all of the best things that young readers naturally love to engage with – messy kitchen fun, deliciousness (although with some of the food combinations, that’s debatable), the harnessing of creativity and the noble tradition of being kind to others.

This award-winning author/illustrator duo are a match made in the kitchen (see what I did there!). The colourful and funny illustrations are a delight – with multitudes of ideas and sub-plots to wonder through visually, as the wordy chaos looms larger and more frenetically on each page until the wonderful, warming climax.

A book that both children and adults alike will enjoy reading until the cows come home. Or the pancakes are ready. Whichever is first.

Saturday Is Pancake Day
Author: Bernadette Green
Illustrator: Daniel Gray-Barnett
Publisher: Scribble, $24.99
Publication Date: 27 February 2024
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781761380389
For Ages: 3 - 7
Type: Picture Book