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Friday 10 May 2024

Review: Aggie Flea Steals the Show!

Aggie Flea Steals the Show!
is the second book in Tania Ingram's Aggie Flea series.

Aggie is always getting into scrapes. Usually because she's a curious and adventurous girl with a big imagination.

In this story, Aggie is desperate to win a role in the school play. She really wants to play the superhero spider from Mars called Web Legs!

Aggie's imagination makes her nervous about auditioning. Then she learns her aunt is going to direct the play. Will that be good or bad for Aggie?

Whether or not Aggie wins the part of Web Legs you can be sure there will bumps along the way to opening night. Her theatrical adventures make for a wacky story told with plenty of expressive language and unique characters.

Aggie Flea has large print, lots of illustrations scattered throughout, and some comic-style sections in the story showcasing Aggie's hero, Princess Zombie. The book is just right for newly independent readers and those who are building their confidence in reading longer stories. It would also make a fun story to share at bedtime.

If you love Aggie Flea there are activities for Tania Ingram's books available on her website.

Title: Aggie Flea Steals the Show!
Author: Tania Ingram
Illustrator: Anne Yi
Publisher: Scholastic, $ 16.99
Publication Date: March 2024
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781760976309
For ages: 7+
Type: Junior Fiction