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Monday 27 May 2024

Review: This Book is Full of Holes

This book is full of holes! Yes, it definitely is! 

Big holes, small holes, manmade holes, natural holes, empty holes, filled holes and every kind of hole you can possibly think of.

With humour and wit, author Nora Nickum explores holes of every shape and size in this funny non-fiction picture book. 

As you turn each page, new types of holes are explored, supported by a detailed example that provides super fascinating facts about the world and our history.

Like in 2014, a massive hole was spotted in the Siberian Arctic, caused by a mysterious explosion that threw chunks of rock and ice, leaving a giant crater.


About 82,000 years ago, humans punched holes in shells to make jewelry.


Engineers put a bleed hole in the middle windowpane of each plane to create good air pressure and stop them from fogging up.

This is a fantastically fun info book for kids. You’ll be fascinated by the facts that fill it. They’ll wow you AND make you giggle.

Robert Meganck’s illustrations are marvellous. They’re delightfully detailed, as well as being super funky and entertaining.

Unique, quirky and entertaining, I highly recommend this one for curious kids.

Title: This Book is Full of Holes
Author: Nora Nickum
Illustrator: Robert Meganck
Publisher: CSIRO, $27.99
Publication Date: May 2024
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781486318407
For ages: 6+
Type: Non Fiction Picture Book