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Wednesday 19 June 2024

Junior Review: Science FACTopia!

Science Factopia! is packed full of amazing, funny and mind blowing facts about science. Facts like:

Lobsters pee out of their heads to communicate.


The seeds from a sandbox tree can explode, launching them through the forest at 258 kilometres per hour.


When a palaeontologist is unsure if an object is a rock or a fossil, they sometimes test it with a lick.

This book is hilarious and interesting at the same time. I learnt a lot of cool facts about so many different science things, and the book was really easy to move through.

You can either use the contents at the front to jump to a chapter about a topic you want to read more about. Or, you can follow the trail from the beginning, reading fact after fact.

Every fact is linked to the next, so you get to build your knowledge one fact at a time. But if you do want to find out more about something along the way (like more music facts), the book has short cuts you can take to go direct to that section.

I loved the fact frenzies that appear through the book. They’re pages with a whole bunch of quick facts that link through words and throw a heap of fun information at you really quickly.

The illustrations are great. They’re a mix of cartoons, photos and illustrations, and they all help you understand the facts. The colours are bright, funky and fun.

At the back of the book you’ll find a big list of sources, an index and a fun scientist quiz.

This is a great book for kids who want to know more facts and blow people's minds. And there’s even more books in the Factopia! series, including books on animals, history and gross things.

Title: Science FACTopia!
Author: Rose Davidson
Illustrator: Andy Smith
Publisher: Walker Books, $25.99
Publication Date: 2 April 2024
Format: Hardcover 
ISBN: 9781804660249
For ages: 8+
Type: Non-fiction