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- author Jackie French

Tuesday 11 June 2024

Review: Two Turtles

Terrence is falling off a cliff. Frank is also falling off a cliff. It’s mostly their fault. They started a silly competition that has led them to this predicament, but they’re both so stubborn, neither is willing to work together to fix the problem. 

What will become of these two wilful turtles?

Two Turtles is a hilarious new picture book, written by Kiah Thomas and illustrated by Jake A Minton. Dry humour weaves throughout, similar to Jon Klassen classics like We Found a Hat

It’s a book of silliness and fun, but beneath that is a delightfully subtle story thread about not letting your pride get in the way of friendship. Something that we all have to grapple with sometimes, no matter our age.

The illustrations are stunners, with a gorgeous green and brown palette throughout and the funkiest of animal pals. A birdy spectator features on the pages, expressing its own views about the juvenile turtles with the most entertaining facial expressions.

This one will draw a crowd, and it’s great for large groups with audience participation built into the story. I see classrooms, families and library story groups all sitting around and having a laugh, pointing out how silly these two turtles are, while secretly all knowing we are guilty of the same crime in different ways.

Two Turtles is a story for everyone. It’s a story about all of us. I highly recommend you grab a copy. It’s an award winner for sure!

Title: Two Turtles
Author: Kiah Thomas
Illustrator: Jake A Minton
Publisher: Little Book Press, $24.99
Publication Date: March 2024
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780645401493
For ages:  3+
Type: Picture Books