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- author Jackie French

Friday 1 May 2009

Reading to Kids

Riley cacks himself over his fave book - No, David! by David Shannon

I am a huge advocate of reading aloud to children, no matter their age. We started reading to both Ella and Riley from birth - in fact, pre-birth - and the results have been well worth it.

Not only has it been vital to the way our children now read and write (both at advanced levels), it's also provided endless educational, cultural and geographical stimulation, not to mention given them a familiar safe haven - a connection, a relationship-building module, a tradition, a routine, a marker in the crazy world that is childhood.

As a result, I am thrilled to say my children are as obsessed with books as I am. We love books of all kinds. Riley is moving into chapter books now (he is 6) and Ella (8) is big on anything that's informative or fact-finding, especially if it relates to animals.

It doesn't matter what you're reading to your kids, so long as you do it. Here are some more reasons to inspire you to read out loud...
  • it significantly increases reading and writing skills preparation
  • it helps solidify vital neural pathways in the brain, particularly if you read from birth
  • it shows children they are important
  • it develops their listening skills and comprehension
  • it helps them master language development and vocal nuance
  • it develops interpersonal communication
  • it encourages imaginative and creative responses
  • it forms bonds between reader and listener
  • it encourages children to express themselves
  • it prompts them to question things
  • it develops curiosity
  • it expands children, quells fears and opens their minds
  • it exposes them to new ideas
  • it develops their appreciation for the arts
  • it lengthens attention span
  • it hones attentive behaviour
  • it's fun!