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Tuesday 25 May 2010

Review: Alby and the Cat - Showbusiness

It's Alby and the Cat Day here at Kids Book Review today! Read our review of the first in the series, and right now we are happy to bring you the second...

The second book in the Alby and the Cat series, Showbusiness, follows straight on from the first. Just when you thought that the guide dog and the cat would be the best of friends from hereon in, think again.

This pair of animals are, after all, natural enemies from way back and their bickering relationship is much more fun to read about than perfect friends.

In this installment, the cat disappears and Alby the guide dog is worried. But there is a surprise in store when Alby’s humans take him to the Morvale Show, and this time he might have a chance to save the cat’s life.

Alby and the Cat: Showbusiness give us more insight into life as a blind person, acceptance of those different to ourselves and, of course, the importance of guide dogs.

Amidst all the strong messages, there is also a great sense of humour in this story, with lines like “that doesn’t mean I want your fluffy feline butt snuggled up to my nose”, which appeal to children.

Another wonderful adventure in the lives of these infectiously loveable characters, early readers will love this story.

Title: Alby and the Cat: Showbusiness
Author: Leanne Davidson
Illustrator: Kim Dingwall
Publisher: LJD Books, $9.95 RRP
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780980724110
For ages: Primary school
Type: Junior Fiction

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