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Tuesday 25 May 2010

Review: Alby and the Cat

The cat, Pussums, is eagerly waiting to discover the secret that the whole neighbourhood is excited about, and is very disappointed when he finds out that all this fuss is over a dog. After all, “no dog in the whole wide world could cause so much interest…” he thinks.

But Alby is no ordinary dog; he is a guide dog who has moved to Popple Court to help his blind human, Jim.

Starting out as enemies, Alby and the cat find common ground against a small human who tries to hurt the guide dog, with Pussums even risking one of his nine lives to save Alby. From then on, the two are best friends.

This is a gorgeous book with simple pictures throughout, helping readers to visualise the action of the plot. The story itself is simple, but classic in its good versus evil, enemies becoming friends style, with a little bit of mystery thrown in to make children eager to turn the pages.

More importantly, it is a story with an important lesson, sharing with children the importance of guide dogs and the vital role they play in society. Information about what guide dogs do, how they are trained and the ways to treat them is scattered through the book, hidden away in the fun story.

Leanne Davidson also briefly shares with us her experience with guide dogs at the end of the book, giving her words even more meaning.

This is a lovely story, leaving the reader wanting more. And now that Alby and the cat are friends, surely there are adventures to be had…

Today is Alby and the Cat day on Kids Book Review! Check back this afternoon for the second book in the series, Alby and the Cat - Showbusiness!

Title: Alby and the Cat
Author: Leanne Davidson
Illustrator: Rae Dale
Publisher: The Five Mile Press, $9.95 RRP
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781741786354
For ages: Primary school
Type: Junior Fiction

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