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- author Jackie French

Wednesday 21 July 2010

Kids Book Review Loves...

Vintage books!

The familiar sight of beautifully bound covers or worn, well-loved pages, the feel of the books in your hands, and the dusty smell of books forgotten for so long, but always loved.

The memories that come flooding back when you open and see a written message - 'With lots of love on your birthday' - inside, perhaps bringing a tear to your eye at remembering that person who knew you so well that they thought to give you this wonderful gift.

It's like meeting up with old friends again.

And, like meeting with old friends with whom you think fondly over old times, a book can transport you back to your childhood in an instant. There you are, sitting in your bedroom with your mum, reading this book and laughing together. You're in the back of the old family car, reading while the rest of the family chats and listens to music.

These are the books that intrigued you more than real life.

Is there anything better than rifling through boxes of old books and finding favourites from your childhood?

Expect to see some vintage books appearing on KBR in the coming months, as we share some of our all-time favourites with you.

What are some of your favourite childhood books?