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Wednesday 21 July 2010

Review: My First Yoga: Animal Poses

Title: My First Yoga: Animal Poses

Author: Abbie Davies

Publisher: My First Yoga, US$12.99RRP

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9780982655900

For ages: 3+

Type: Picture Book, Information Book

About: Having pracised yoga on and off for twenty-five years, I'm all too familiar with its positive and powerful effects on the body and mind. I'm often harping on to my 10-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son about how vital it is to learn about nutrition and fitness very early in life - and so set the standard for a deeper understanding and appreciation of health as they grow older.

So far, so good - and even though the kids have already been exposed to yoga (Ella is quite good at the tree pose, I might add!), I love how this new book from Abbie Davies, the founder and owner of My First Yoga, makes yoga poses even more attractive to kids. Both my kids pounced on this book and were soon forming flamingoes, lions and snakes on the living room floor.

Published by the My First Yoga organisation, the first thing I appreciated about My First Yoga: Animal Poses was the quality of the publication. So many self-published or self-promotional books suffer from publishing ineptitude, poor quality, or a lack of consistency and style, but Animal Poses, despite being a simple, staple-bound book, is very well done. From paper quality to layout and design, this is a stylish little edition.

Then there's the content. Well-rounded, clear, concise and gorgeously illustrated, the poses will make even the most world-weary, computer-stiffened body want to move. Utilising animals in a way that enchants children, Davies shows us the Monkey Pose followed by the Giraffe Pose, and on through a catalogue of animals, including the classic dog, cat and lion, where children have to stick their tongue out and roar.

The book thoughtfully encompasses both genders and each pose is accompanied by information on what benefits it has for the body - and what kind of child it's particularly suited to. The Lion Pose, for example, strengthens the face, mouth and throat - and so is ideally suited to little singers and actors. The Cow Pose stretches the upper body and is ideal for mini baseball players, as well as rugby and karate.

Simple, neat, modern and a joy to look at - it's easy to forget the educational scope of this book... and how vital such a book is for modern children who live such a sedentary lifestyle. Suitable from the really young right through to mum and dad, My First Yoga: Animal Poses is worth tracking down if only for the tools to help kids achieve greater clarity and balance between the mind and body - a priceless life task that can not be underestimated.

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