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Saturday 7 August 2010

Review: The Judy Moody series

Judy Moody, the hugely popular book series for young readers, is being made into a film (read KBR’s news article here) starring a young Australian actor (read about that here). Before you watch the movie, why not relive the books?

Judy Moody is a mover and a shaker, with a wicked troll-eyes stare and an annoyingly revolting little brother, Stink. All the ingredients for a series full of fun!

Each of these hilarious, witty stories offers a heap of new adventures, larger-than-life characters and crazy lingo (Rare! Double rare!). With the majority of the tales set at Judy’s home and school and dealing with realistic moments in a child’s life, they are relatable and provide a swag of positive messages in a humorous way.

Book 1: Judy Moody – The story that introduces us to Judy and the rest of the cast, including her parents, her best friend, Rocky, the paste-eating boy in her class, Frank and, of course, her younger brother, Stink. We get to know Judy via a Me collage she is creating for school, the creation of the Toad Pee Club and the tricks she plays on Stink. Rare!

Book 2: Judy Moody Gets Famous – It seems that everyone has been in the newspaper, except of course Judy Moody. And she’s not happy about it. ROAR! She wants to be famous and be part of the Moody Hall of Fame, but for what? Spelling? Pet tricks? Or will she become famous for all the wrong reasons? That is, I-N-F-A-M-O-U-S.

Book 3: Judy Moody Saves the World – Judy is learning about endangered animals at school and wants to save the rainforests, one pencil at a time. But will Stink’s triumphs overshadow her efforts or something? Or something.
Book 4: Judy Moody Predicts the Future – When Judy finds a mood ring, she also summons her psychic powers. That is, until Stink takes it. Judy must pry it from him and convince her family and friends of her mysterious abilities. And uncovering her teacher’s big secret might just do it. Double rare!

Book 5: Doctor Judy Moody – This story is a wild ride, involving a field trip to the hospital, stealing Stink’s belly button for Show and Tell, taking care of a sick brother, catching an illness, cloning guinea pigs and performing Operation Zucchini. Be prepared for a big hardee-har-har with this book.
Book 6: Judy Moody Declares Independence – Judy is ready to declare independence – from school, homework and, most importantly, her brother Stink. She writes her own Declaration of Independence and tells her parents, ‘Give me liberty or give me death!’ Or should that be, ‘Give me liberty or give me more allowance!’ But will her parents commit to more than just thinking about it?

Book 7: Judy Moody: Around the World in 8 ½ Days – Judy makes a new friend who also has a rhyming name – same-same! – but Rocky and Frank are jealous. In the meantime, they all need to work together to finish their Around the World in Eight Days project. How will they do it when they aren’t even speaking to each other?

Book 8: Judy Moody Goes to College – After not doing too well in maths, Judy needs to see a tutor. This turns out to be heaps of fun, going to college a few times a week. College kids get to have coffee, phones, roomies and peeps! Rad!

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Title: The Judy Moody series
Author: Megan McDonald
Illustrator: Peter H. Reynolds
Publisher: Walker Books, $14.95 RRP each
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781406302134, 9781406302158, 9781406302127, 9781406302141, 9781406302165, 9781406302301, 9781406301854, 9781406317527
For ages: 7 – 9
Type: Junior Fiction