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Saturday 7 August 2010

Review: Where On Earth Is The Moon?

Title: Where on Earth is the Moon?

Author: Ruth Martin

Illustrator: Olivier Latyk

Publisher: Hardie Grant Egmont, $16.95 RRP

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781921690075

For ages: 2+

Type: Picture book

About: Luna watches the moon as it comes to check on her falling asleep at night, and she dreams of one day walking atop this glowing ball in the night sky. But she wonders where it disappears to during the day?

She decides to stay up all night and watch where it goes. Alas, she falls asleep each night and awakes to find the moon has once again left her.

Her dreams, though, take her on adventures deep down into the ocean, far over the mountains, behind the clouds and eventually into space. Luna’s quest helps her solve a few mysteries of where the moon is not, and finally an answer from the moon itself.

And the ending to this story will give readers a little chuckle.

This lovely tale of adventure and curiosity is filled with beautiful descriptive language that will have children joining Luna in her wish to solve this great mystery.

The illustrations are glossy and showcase the gorgeous text perfectly. The two combine to incorporate words into cloud shapes and around the pages as Luna explores.

This is a lovely story that encapsulates the wonderful inquisitive nature of children across the earth.

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